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Learning on the job. Connecting people with careers. Breaking into the creative and tech industries. Scroll down to find out how we take on the world of employability. 

The Catch-22 of the Working World

You need experience to get a job. But to get a job, you need experience. This locks a lot of economically disadvantaged young people out of the career path of their dreams or forces them to take on unpaid internships at great expense.

Unearthing Local Talent

At Hackschool, we do things differently. We take a chance on untapped, hidden local talent – provide creatives with an alternative route into jobs where they can maximise their potential. 

We take on employees full of untapped potential...

... train them up in high tech skills, project management and independence...

... and connect them with businesses who need those skills!

A Route to Independence

With us, employees develop their skills, build a killer portfolio, and network with local businesses to build a strong foundation for independence in the arts and tech industries. Wanna see it in action?

When you work with us, you celebrate local talent, and the local economy.

It just makes sense!