The Appavengers: How Mobile Apps Can Save the Sanity of the Business Person On the Go

While working at Hackschool, I have learnt that digital marketing is actually not what I thought it would be. I didn’t realize how much goes into one post, and how much you have to think about before you post. Making content for a business and making content for my own Instagram is very different. On my Instagram I will just post a random photo, have a random caption and that is that.


For a business account you have to take into context of audience, schedule, keeping on brand and so on. It is a lot different than your average Instagram food selfie- or dog selfie. Digital marketing is quite different to normal marketing, so you have to choose your audience depending on what social media you use, this is where software can really help.

Software is critical for the best flow of work. Getting the correct software for creating and scheduling the content is vital to be able to not drown under the work. I started to use software like Premier pro, Lightroom, Spark post and Hootsuite, but this fell apart very quickly. 

First off, my work laptop couldn’t handle using templates on premier, so I had to scrap premier to edit my videos on the fly. I looked around the app store on my phone on a whim, and came across the app Adobe Rush.

It. Was. A. Godsend.

I was able to edit the videos I had just taken on my phone within minutes, which made everything so much easier to use. I consider this to be my first win. 

My second came when Hootsuite, the scheduler that I had been using decided not to have the features I needed. I couldn’t preview my feed with the new posts, nor could I use the carousel feature (like come on, it’s the best feature) or even the interactive story widgets. So, I went on a long journey to the app store again, and found the app Later. Now I could use them features, and post on my phone. From this point on I made it a mission to try go phone solo with my Instagram posts. 

I downloaded every adobe app from the store (there are so many rip my storage) and tried them out, figuring out what I could use to my advantage. I ended up with a list of these apps, I call them: The Appavengers. 

  • Over 
  • Photoshop 
  • Lightroom 
  • Rush 
  • Later 
  • Spark post 

These apps allow me to throw out content faster than Usain Bolt. This is how I achieve a good workflow through using apps on my phone to create content and not having to rely on my laptop so much. In conclusion, find suitable software that works for you, make your workflow steady and create your own Appavengers.