Working With Sue Gerrard

With Claire Rigby - Momo's Moments

One of HackTV’s earliest podcasts was Momo’s Moments, hosted by local café owner and history buff Claire Rigby. The project was an excellent opportunity for us to test out a blended approach of having one participant in the studio, and another being interviewed remotely via vMix Call.  

Local author and historian Sue Gerrard weighed in on her experience of recording the podcast: “I first worked with Hack TV when I took part in an episode of Momo’s Moments with Claire Rigby. Initially the interview should have taken place in the studio, but because of Covid my section was recorded at home without any difficulty whatsoever. The finished production was professional and audience friendly.” 


We edited the podcast into two versions: a series of smaller videos each dealing with a separate topic, and then a longer version for the people who wanted to watch the whole thing. Momo’s has a decent following of people who are interested in local history and folklore, and the podcast went down very well indeed. 

With Kath and Rod Griffiths, and Graham Evans - Finding Alan

After helping Kath and Rod Griffiths and Graham Evans write, edit and publish their book Finding Alan, Sue approached us to create another series of podcasts. She had seen the success of the Momo’s Moments podcasts, and thought a similar project would work excellently to promote the book. 

For the first podcast, we were able to have everybody present in the studio. We set up a couch and two armchairs, with colourful lighting that popped without being too imposing. We used a three-camera set-up: one on Rod and Graham, one on Kath, and the third on Sue, who would be interviewing the three writers. Kelza worked the operating desk, watching the interview closely and switching cameras between speakers.  

We edited this podcast into two versions: the full-length version, and then a five minute version which would serve to generate interest in people who would not necessarily sit down and watch an hour long video. We boosted the shorter video on Facebook to reach as many people as possible, and in only a few days reached nearly 3000 people with 600 engagements. 

Sue praised the success of the podcast: “The recording turned out very well. Any initial problems that we had were quickly ironed out and the final result was a professional interview which has greatly enhanced the awareness of the book.” 

The second podcast is coming soon, and will be a Q&A session involving people calling in.