Meet Jodie, Our New Kickstarter!

Thanks to a grant from the government’s Kickstarter Scheme, HackTV is thrilled to introduce our first Kickstarter, Jodie!

Kickstarting Young People; Kickstarting a Struggling Economy

You may be familiar with the good old Catch-22 of job-seeking. You need experience to find a job, but you need a job to get experience. For young people who have just left education to find work, this is a difficult situation.

To tackle this issue, the government has launched the Kickstarter Scheme. Its goal is to get young people aged 16-24 into the job market. This scheme enables businesses to take on young people and get them trained up; after their traineeship, they can then put practical experience on their CV.

It’s a win-win situation. Businesses get employees, and young people get vital training that gives them a head start in their careers. The pandemic has devastated students and the economy, so this scheme could get the ball rolling on recovery.

Motivation Reignited By the Kickstarter Scheme

Jodie weighed in on how the Kickstarter Scheme has affected her life: “Before HackTV, I was in college. Covid forced us to finish early. We didn’t get results until August and we finished in March. The pandemic put our lives on hold. I had nothing to do–until I discovered HackTV in October and joined as an animator.

“Now that I’m here, I do animation, motion graphics, and graphic design. If it wasn’t for HackTV, I’d just be working at the Covid test centre.  

“At HackTV I’m much more motivated. I hope to use this opportunity to develop my skills further. This will give me a fighting chance at finding jobs within the creative tech industry.” 

Life While Trapped in the Catch-22 - Before the Kickstarter Scheme

HackTV’s reporter Kelza knows all about the catch-22 of finding work as a young person. “It was my life for nearly a decade,” she says. “I grew up being told that I could do anything I put my mind to. At the risk of sounding cynical, I was working hard to get into a job market that didn’t exist. 

“I trained up in the arts. The field is notoriously difficult to get into, especially for working class kids like me who cannot afford to live while working unpaid internships. I ended up spending eight years in retail.

“We have a serious problem – so many kids are trapped in jobs that don’t reflect their talent. The Kickstarter Scheme will help to break this cycle. Though it came a little late for me, I’m thrilled to know that something like this exists, and I’m really keen to see how Jodie and future Kickstarters can reach their full potential!”

Upskilling Young People, and Upskilling Businesses

Hackschool and HackTV owner Chris spoke of the double-edged nature of bosting the economy: “It’s quick to train kids up on the tech skills that we need here at HackTV. The lack of opportunities to enter a workplace is the major barrier. 

“The Kickstarter Scheme removes that barrier by helping businesses like mine to provide opportunities, getting kids into workplaces where they can learn and develop.

“That being said, I’ve realised that short traineeships and courses, which are a lot more employer-led and on-the-job, are a far quicker and more effective way of training people. However, businesses often need upskilling as well, so there are two sides to the coin.”


Businesses seeking to create jobs for young people can apply for Kickstarter Scheme grants. The website has all of the relevant information on eligibility and application

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