Kickstart Adverts From September 2021

As part of our drive to expand our team, we created a series of graphics to advertise job roles we were offering through the government’s Kickstart Scheme. Considering different audiences and formats, we created graphics that would suit a younger audience (Instagram), and an adult audience that may include parents of the young people who were eligible for the scheme (Facebook).

We started by creating a series of assets from photography involving former volunteers Reece and Finn that we could use efficiently to create many adverts involving different job roles. As you can see, the Facebook ones manage to advertise the jobs whilst remaining low key and mature. The Instagram ones, aimed at the younger crowd, utilise colourful lighting and design reminiscent of print media – halftone dots and bold outlines to separate subject from background, and the text from everything else. 

Animated 1:1 Instagram Feed Adverts

Animated 9:16 Instagram/Facebook Stories