Meet the Team: Key and Jodie

Hi, I’m Key, the girl behind the camera. I’m the digital marketer, the creator behind the socials, the person who cleans up after Chris continuously. I create content for Instagram, Facebook, twitter you know the biz. 

 I left college earlier this year due to the pandemic, bringing home some skills with media, film and photography. After college I wanted to find somewhere, I could express what I had learnt in the classroom into a job. So I found Hackschool. 

I’m a very creative, artsy person (as you can see) and I have an eye for photography. I take the photos for the socials, I jazzle them up and post them. Using art and photography together to create content is a dream job for me, and I get to do it with my college buddy Jodie.  

Jodie and I have been friends since the first few days of college. We both took media studies, and we became friends over loving art. There was one problem with our friendship though, Jodie is a devout kpop stan and I’m a metal head. Yeah, now I guess I’m both. 

I will be running the blogs on here, and Jodie will be running the vlogs down on Instagram. I think I’ve talked too much about myself, I’m now going to hand you off to the Jodimator. 

Hi, I’m Jodie, or Jodimation as the girl behind the camera likes to call me, I am currently training in graphic motion and I work behind the scenes on the look of the YouTube channel. 

Due to a certain pandemic, I left college slightly earlier than most people probably did back in March earning grades in media, art and graphic design. Honestly, I couldn’t see myself working in a factory or warehouse so I was looking for a more creative job which is where Key told me about Hackschool. 

I work on most of thumbnails on the Youtube channel and behind the scenes . I create some animation content for the social media and I am working on training my skills on After Effects which is so fun to do, even if Key and I constantly annoy each other. 

I will be updating the vlogs on Instagram, giving you content on what life is like working in lockdown and other fun stuff.