Introduction to Hedgehogs Workshop

Our informative introduction to hedgehogs workshop will be delivered online via Zoom by the extremely knowledgeable and lovely Kelly from Haydock Hedgehog Helpers. Tune in to learn about hedgehogs and how we can help this beautiful species thrive. 

In polls to determine the nation’s favourite native species, hedgehogs usually come out on top. In recent years, though, their population has crashed. Since the start of the century, rural hedgehog numbers have almost halved. 

We’ll show you how to encourage and protect these charismatic animals. Exploring topics such as feeding and habitat, we’ll inspire you to improve gardens and greenspaces for biodiversity. 

Prepare for cuteness overload! Come along and meet Risely, Haydock Hedgehog Helpers’ adorable ambassador!

Find Haydock Hedgehog Helpers on Facebook, where you can see all the hard work that Kelly and her volunteers put in to help our prickly pals. For more events happening all over St Helens, check out our What’s On page!

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