How to Make a Tetra Pak Hanging Planter

Keep the kids busy this Easter with this Tetra Pak hanging planter workshop that is sure to brighten up the outdoors, brought to you courtesy of Green Town‘s Cat Woods!

Tetra Paks are often seen as a good alternative to plastic. However, they‘re diffcult to recycle as they‘re made of mixed materials; Tetra Pak estimates that only 26% of their cartons are recycled globally. If so few are getting recycled, why not revive them and help the environment by creating a Tetra Pak hanging planter for your garden?

The kids will need:

  • A well-rinsed Tetra Pak (milk or juice cartons work best)
  • A cutting mat or some thick cardboard
  • A craft knife and a pair of scissors (use with adult supervision!)
  • A pen or pencil
  • String
  • Some compost, ideally peat free
  • A small plant or some seeds – Lobelia and nasturiums work great!
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