How to Be a YouTuber

This course is a series of 3 half-day workshops.

This is a practical course. If you are doing it online at home, you will need a smartphone and a PC to follow the exercises.

If you can come into the studio you will get to use our professional equipment.

Session 1 - Scriptwriting and Performance Skills

On the first day, we will focus on:

  • Writing a script in a conversational style
  • Presenting with confidence
  • Speaking clearly
  • Structuring performance for easy editing

Session 2 - Lighting, Audio and Camera Skills

On the second day, we’ll build on our scriptwriting and performance knowledge with: 

  • Lighting your speaker and set
  • Audio basics
  • Set design
  • Recording your performance

Session 3 - Editing, Finishing Touches, and Uploading

On the final day, we’ll bring it all together and show you how to put your work out there with:

  • Basic editing with free software
  • How to get free stock audio and video
  • Creating animated logos for free
  • Uploading to YouTube

Sound Good To You?

These courses are £90 a day but if you are an employer, and that includes self-employed people, Liverpool City Region subsidizes the courses to £27 a day.

Quality video is essential for business in a world ruled by social media. Get in touch today and invest in your development!