How to Be a YouTuber (Part 1): Useful Resources

In order to be successful on YouTube you need to understand that YouTube is a search engine just like Google, so your content needs to be designed with this in mind.

  • It is relevant and easy to find:
    1. How relevant is the title and keywords?
    2. How recent it is?
  • Quality
    1. How long do people watch your video for?
    2. How many people watch your video?
  • Consistency
    1. Do you post in a predictable and regular way?
  • Speed
    1. Can you create your content quickly and efficiently.


In this workshop we will be looking at relevancy and a little bit of quality.

  • Part 1 – Using TubeBuddy to create content that ranks.
  • Part 2 – Using Snappa to create channel art.


We recommend Tube Buddy to assess keywords but there are other tools we use as well.

We’ll be using Snappa to design channel art.

You can use the free versions for both.


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HackTV YouTube account:

Picture of a DJ

Picture of me pointing at camera

Picture of desk with equipment on it