A New Green Town Logo

We’ve worked with Cat Woods from Green Town St Helens for almost a year, collaborating on events and exchanging written work for our respective websites.

A few months ago, Cat approached us asking if we could help with updating the Green Town logo. She wanted something which would reflect her organisation’s activities more clearly. Green Town’s activities revolve around sustainability and nature, bringing in local wildlife experts to share their expertise.

The original logo, shown to the right, reflects the nature-oriented aspect of what Cat does. However, she felt as though it needed something extra. We passed the task on to our Kickstarters Jodie and Mo as an exercise in designing for a client and working together on a project.

The Initial Sketches

Jodie and Mo began with a series of concept sketches based on the things that Cat was asking for. She had mentioned that she wanted a hedgehog, flowers and bees included to represent her work involving hedgehog conservation, foraging and beekeeping.

Cat felt that the first two ideas leaned a bit too heavily on the hedgehog image. Consulting with Kelza, the team decided on using the original logo as a base for new elements. This was where the third idea emerged – a logo still featuring the original ‘Green Town’, but with a few extra features.

Finalising the Design

Mo and Jodie came up with this: a logo where the ‘Green Town’ forms a backdrop for a flying bee, a hedgehog and some wildflowers sprouting from the ground. 

We sent it to Cat for approval, and she recommended a few changes of colour. Mo and Jodie tweaked the colour of the dark blue houses to a lighter green, and darkened the colour of the tree’s leaves to stand out against the sky-blue house.

In keeping with the creative, hands-on nature of a lot of Cat’s workshops, Jodie and Mo close a handwritten font, resembling the original but with a rougher edge. 

Banners For the Green Festival

On October 30th 2021, there was a Green Festival in Church Square in St Helens. Cat took part with her Sustainability School, and asked us to design a pull-up banner for the event.

Jodie and Mo each designed a version based on the Green Town logo; Cat picked the one that she felt would work best, and then came in so we could talk her through the process of uploading and ordering her design in time for the festival. Scroll down to see the result…

Two versions of a pull up banner featuring the green town logo
Cat and Kylie stand in front of a banner featuring the Green Town logo

Cat brought her banner to Green Fest, where she ran a stall for kids to decorate their very own bug hotels. Located behind the stall, it displayed the Green Town logo prominently and advertised her sustainability school to people passing by. She also used the logo we designed for embroidered branded hoodies, as well as…

A box of dairy-free cupcakes featuring the new Green Town logo

… delicious branded dairy-free cupcakes!

Before You Go...

Cat has contributed to our website in the past, writing articles on fast fashion and green spaces in St Helens.

You can also find her online on her website, and on social media on Facebook and Instagram.

If you’re interested in any design work from us, check out our portfolio of video, graphic and web design work.